Transitional Housing Program

Our goal is to offer homeless or distressed people in transition, free (or substantially reduced), safe and clean housing.

We believe our program offers more than just a roof over ones head! Our transitional housing program focuses on one's spiritual life and life skills that will help (or move) participants to become self-sufficient. We strongly recommend that any of our guests develop a relationship with a local church body and that body becomes an accountability partner to guest. Guests are also asked to put a future housing plan in place, so that they can begin the process of looking for a more permanent solution to their housing, job and family issues.

Guest in our housing models will be asked to participate in curriculum that will support them in the areas of: job preparation, parenting, budgeting, continuing education, nutrition/gardening and personal spiritual enrichment. All classes are free and certifications may be available in some instances.

The length of stay of our guest varies because every family/individuals circumstance may be different. We typically focus on a 180 day time frame.

Our current housing is located in Lone Oak, TX and consists of mobile homes and frame housing. Guests are required to fill out a housing application with Community SEEDS.