STEP - At Community SEEDS

The Strategic Training & Empowerment Program (STEP) is a game-changer!
By learning and following STEP, employers will easily see YOU as their best investment!
STEP helps you:

  • – see the employment process from the eyes of the employer
  • – learn how to be at the top of the hiring list
  • – and become one of the most valued employees

STEP is a proven program that offers you a BIG STEP UP to fast-tracking a great job.

Good news! STEP is FREE!
Thanks to a grant from L3-Harris, Community Seeds is able to offer STEP at NO COST TO YOU!
Through STEP you will:

  • Take self-paced, proven, online courses,
  • Build resumes and interview skills,
  • Become a team contributor,
  • Learn skills that become your ticket to a brighter future!

It really is that simple! (We can help find on-line access, too!) Email or call TODAY! • 702-392-1130

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