Volunteer At Community SEEDS!

The SEEDS programs is orchestrated by volunteers.   Volunteer

Volunteers are a vital part of Community SEEDS!  We always are open to volunteer help.  Young and old alike serve together to make our organization work. 

Volunteering is for everyone!

No matter your age, skillset, or family size, there is always a way to help out at Community SEEDS!

  • Kids: Learning to do things for others at a young age teaches responsibility and establishes a strong work ethic
  • Students: Volunteering is a great opportunity for real-world experience and help prepared for their future careers.
  • Adults: Your knowledge and skills are valuable to communities - from working professionals to stay-at-home parents - there is something for everyone to do!
  • Seniors: Your lifetime of experiences can lend an invaluable hand to transforming communities
  • Families: The benefits of volunteering together bring family members closer and teaches good values that are passed on from one generation to the next.
  • Groups: All kinds of teams, clubs, religious and civic organizations can achieve so much when they work together as a group.  Get your youth and civic clubs involved today!

Give us a call  to volunteer with us!